Maths Tutoring

At High Quality Tuition Services, we Turn Maths Struggles into Maths Success

Is it that your child finds maths too challenging, or she/he is not being challenged enough, High Quality Tuition Services is at your doorsteps with their math programmes that will put an end to maths struggles.

At High Quality Tuition Services, we’ve created maths teaching programmes for every age and level, from Nusery through KG 1 to S.H.S 3 and from Post senior High to Tertiary. We know that everyone learns differently and at his or her own pace, so every one’s programme meets his or her exact learning needs.

With our math teaching programmes, our students will:

  • Master basic numerical facts and operations.
  • See the real-life relevance of math.
  • Understand math using familiar contexts.
  • Make meaning from concrete to abstract concepts.
  • Use advanced thinking through timed challenges and problem-solving activities.


English Tutoring

We are more than ready to offer you English help no matter what level you are in!

English is considered the most important subject or topic students learn in school. It is the foundation for all learning and is used in every subject (including other languages). Strong English comprehension skills are used every day, both in and out of school. With a strong grasp of the basic principles in place, students can build their skills, improving their comprehension and fluency. From spelling to word recognition, grammar, sentence structures, paragraph and essay writing. The more comfortable students are with English basics, the more they will be able to succeed in later grades and educational levels.


French Tutoring

French might be considered our official second language, but that doesn’t mean that it comes naturally to all students. From learning to say bonjour for the first time, to having fluent conversations — and everything in between — High Quality Tuition Services French tutoring helps students of all skill levels develop stronger French confidence. We have designed French programmes for students in Nursery, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior High, Senior High and Tertiary.


Science Tutoring

Find comprehensive science help for individuals of all ages and skill levels!

Science is an intensive, information-filled subject that employs logic and mathematic formulas. While some students may breeze through science class with relative ease, other students may need extra science help & teaching support. High Quality Tuition Services science teaching programmes offers a customized approach to learning science.

With High Quality Tuition Services science teachers, students learn how to grasp scientific concepts with a personalized programme that teaches active learning skills. Regardless of the grade, our students develop stronger thinking and learning skills so that they become critical and active thinkers, both inside and outside the classroom. As students get older, science gets more specialized with topics like physics, biology, chemistry. As difficult concepts such as linear motion, osmosis, momentum, and genetics are introduced, a science tutor can help ease any confusion and stress.

Elective Subjects Tutoring

We have customized tutoring Programmes in elective subject areas that will help our students excel academically. In both Primary and Junior High School,  we have teachers who offer Tutoring Classes in all of the Elective Subjects areas. Teachers teaching Senior High School programmes and their Elective Subjects areas such as the Businesses, the Arts, the Sciences among others are readily available to assist students to achieve their educational goals. Tertiary education students irrespective of your programme of study or course area, we have committed tutors to help you.