Maths Tutoring

At High Quality Tuition Services, we Turn Maths Struggles into Maths Success

Is it that your child finds maths too challenging, or she/he is not being challenged enough, High Quality Tuition Services is at your doorsteps with their math programmes that will put an end to maths struggles.

At High Quality Tuition Services, we’ve created maths teaching programmes for every age and level, from Nusery through KG 1 to S.H.S 3 and from Post senior High to Tertiary. We know that everyone learns differently and at his or her own pace, so every one’s programme meets his or her exact learning needs.

With our math teaching programmes, our students will:

  • Master basic numerical facts and operations.
  • See the real-life relevance of math.
  • Understand math using familiar contexts.
  • Make meaning from concrete to abstract concepts.
  • Use advanced thinking through timed challenges and problem-solving activities.