Our Tutoring Terms of Services Agreement may be changed from time to time. Amendments to these Terms and Conditions will be carefully examined, and updated copies made available to all parents. We will also publish it on our website and all our social media pages, and after such amendments have been published and copies made to parents, will constitute your agreement to the amended Terms of Use and all of the changes thereof.


  1. The tuition contract is for a period of Four Week Term, subject to renewal.
  2. First time registration is free.
  3. A registration ID number will be generated for the student after a successful registration.
  4. There shall be renewal of tuition services at the end of every Four Week Term of tuition at no fee.


  1. Home Based Tuition will be conducted at the residence of the student unless otherwise stated.
  2. Centre Based Tuition will be conducted at our designated centers.
  3. Online Tuition will be conducted via our networked online tuition platform.  
  4. The lesson duration  for Nursery, Kindergarten and Primary Students is One hour.
  5. The lesson duration  for Junior High School Students is One Hour Fifteen Minutes.
  6. The lesson duration  for Senior High School Students is One Hour Thirty Minutes.
  7. To precede the confirmation of a tutoring service, student(s) will be given one Pre-Assessment Lesson under the supervision of parents/guardians. Only one Pre-Assessment Lesson can be utilized.
  8. Upon the confirmation of a tutoring service, the client is to engage the tutor(s) for the full Four Week Term based on the frequency of lessons agreed upon.
  9. Parent/student may cancel lessons by giving at least 12-hours prior notice to the tutor.
  10. If sessions are cancelled on the part of the parent/student (within the 12-hour policy), a makeup session must be arranged as soon as possible or those missed lessons will be lost.
  11. If sessions are cancelled on the part of the tutor, a makeup session shall be arranged by the tutor and student must avail himself/herself or those missed lessons will be lost.
  12. Lessons may be rescheduled per the convenience of both parties.
  13. Credit for missed lessons, notified or not, will not be applied to upcoming Four Week Term tuition billing.
  14. If a tutor does not turn up and fails to reschedule, kindly inform us and we will make sure he/she complete all lost hours.
  15. No discount or refunds shall be given in case of any lost session.


  1. Exercises will be given and marked at the end of each lesson to test the level of understanding of the student.
  2. Students will be given assignments to keep her/him abreast of what has been taught by the tutor.
  3. Students will be assisted on the home work given them at school.
  4. They shall be end of topic examination to test students understanding of the whole topic taught them.
  5. At the end of every sixteen weeks of consecutive tuition, an examination will be conducted on the seventeenth week to test students on the overall topic(s) learnt for that period.
  6. Annual examinations will also be conducted to test student on the overall topics undertaken for the year.


  1. Tuition billing is charged per lesson per student.
  2. Total billing of lessons is the total number of lessons booked per student for the Four Week Term.
  3. Total billing amount is the total billing of lessons booked for the Four Week Term multiplied by the tutoring  rate per lesson.
  4. Tuition billing reminder will be sent to parents/guardians one week earlier to the beginning of the Four Week Term
  5. Tuition billing of lessons will be paid in full and in advance before tuition begins.
  6. Official receipts will be issued to clients for any payment made.
  7. The tuition rates set down cannot be changed by either the customer or the tutor. Subsequently, it cannot be negotiated between the two parties mentioned previously.
  8. We highly advise parents to keep the receipt and/or Transaction ID as a proof that they have made the payment.
  9. This receipt will prove to be helpful in verifying your payment.
  10. Tutors are strictly banned from collecting payments.
  11. If you decide to make a payment to the tutor directly and the tutor decides to default the payment, then you and only you would be responsible for any sort losses.
  12. Block booking of 20 lessons or more attracts 10% discount.
  13. Shared bookings amounting to an accumulation of twenty lessons or more also attracts 30% discount.
  14. Any statutory Tax or Levy eg. E-Levy will be taken care of by High Quality Tuition Services. 
  15. All these discounts apply to Home Tuition Only.


Payments are made via Mobile Money.

MTN Mobile Money

  1. Dial *170#
  2. Transfer money
  3. Select Momo User
  4. Enter 0541646208
  5. Repeat the number 0541646208
  6. Enter student ID as Reference
  7. Make sure the name is HIGH QUALITY TUITION SERVICES
  8. Then enter pin to confirm payment.


  1. Dial *110#
  2. Select Send money
  3. Select Vodafone network
  4. Select Enter Recipient Number
  5. Enter 0506478059
  6. Re Enter 0506478059
  7. Enter Amount on your Tuition Billing
  8. Enter Student ID as Reference
  9. Make sure the name is HIGH QUALITY TUITION SERVICES
  10. Then Enter your Pin to Confirm Payment

NOTE: The Student ID is what we can use to identify the student making the payment. Do not hesitate to call us should you need any assistance.


In the case of home tuition, parents are required to provide the following teaching and learning resources:

  1. White board and duster.
  2. Table and two chairs.
  3. One packet of temporary markers.
  4. Text books (preferably, recommended textbooks used by the school the child is attending).
  5. Work books.
  6. Other materials recommended by High Quality Tuition Services.


  1. We are committed to getting parents highly qualified, experienced and committed teachers.
  2. We believe in mutual efforts and we advise that both parties should participate in an equal way to improve the positive outcomes of services provided.
  3. Parents are equally responsible for the good or bad academic results of their children and we recommend that parents/guardians should spend some time in motivating their children as teacher alone cannot bring the best results as he spends only a few hours a week with the children.
  4. We only guarantee to do our best on our part to help the students find qualified teachers and best tutoring.
  5. The conduct of tutors is very important in rendering tuition services and we will take any kind of feedbacks and complaints from the student/parent about the conduct and behavior of the private tutor seriously, and the private tutor will be called for explanations if needed.
  6. If a private tutor gets more complaints, it means his will has lesser chances of getting tuition assignments from us, until and unless he or she changes their conduct.
  7. Any loss to the client’s property i.e Tuition venue, stationery and books of the students, and any other stuff by the tuition teacher is highly discouraged and the tutor would have to pay for all the losses in such a case.


  1. Timesheet will be provided to parents for the Four Week Term.
  2. Tutors are required to record their attendance onto the timesheet provided to parents.
  3. Tutors’ attendance is based on the scheduled of lessons booked.
  4. At the end of the Four Week Term, the timesheet should be completed and signed by both tutor and parent.
  5. At the end of the Four Week Term, the tutor should send the completed timesheet to us.


The purpose of HIGH QUALITY TUITION SERVICES is to assist parents and students to find the best tutors to render extra tuition services for them.

We hold the complete right to make changes in our terms and conditions without any prior notice.

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