Home Based Tutoring Services

Our Home Based Tutoring Services is a form of tutoring that occurs in the home of clients or designated location of clients. HQTS Home Based Tutoring Services most often adopts either one-to-one attention provided to clients, one-to-many attention provided to clients or many-to-many attention provided to client or clients at all levels of education by our experienced, committed and hardworking tutors. Our Home Based Tutoring Services comes with the following categories:

  • Our Home Based One-to-One Tutoring Services offers intense individual assistance at a private location (one on one teacher-student interaction). Our to One Tutoring Services offers comprehensive tuition services built with one goal in mind: student achievement. Our one-to-one Services will help students build content mastery and develop the skills needed for success within and beyond the classroom, including critical thinking, effective testing and rigor. This services is rendered to students’ at all educational levels.
  • Our Home Based One-to-Many Tutoring Services offers intense group assistance at the homes of students with decreased economic costs through the use of our approved team-based teaching approaches and methods. This programme is designed for individual students who want to be tutored in specific subject area together with a friend or parents  who are at the same academic level. This programme is available for students at all educational levels.
  • Our Home Based Many-to-many Tutoring Services is designed to offer intense group assistance to students at the homes of clients or designated location of both clients and tutors. This programme makes use of our specialized subject tutors who adopts our team based teaching approaches and methods in their tutoring. It is available for students at all educational levels.
  • Our Home Based Many-to-One Tutoring Services is designed to enable our specialized subject teachers offer subject based assistance to our students to better their grades. HQTS understand the principle of variety and so has designed this programme to enable students enjoy different teaching methods, content combination and assessment techniques of teachers.
  • Our Home Based After School Tutoring Services is provided to our clients after the formal school session has closed. We also assist students with homework, assignments, prepare for tests, or provide extra help in specific subjects. We work with students individually or in small groups in their homes. Our primary goal is to help boost students’ academic performance at all levels of education.
  • Our Home Based Holidays Tutoring Services is designed to help students consolidate their learning outcomes with greater confidence. Our services also serves as a great opportunity for students to catch up on learning that may be lost during the normal school sessions. This tutoring services is organized for all students at different educational levels and is provided at their homes.
  • Our Home Based Religious Education Tutoring Services: Civilization with its faith based challenges has been a major concern for religious leaders in Ghana. Many cherished values are being lost among the people. Parents and stakeholders are wondering what the future holds for the generation yet unborn. The services of religious educators to instill into young children, adults and the old religious knowledge have been on the rise. We have designed a comprehensive tutoring course to instill faith based knowledge, good practices and wisdom onto the people. Our highly experienced and hardworking religious tutors will reshape the frustration of students in Islamic Studies and Christian Religious Studies.
  • Home Based Girls’ Education Tutoring Services: Girl Child and female education has been a major concern for all nations in the whole wide world. As part of our involvement and contribution to promoting female education, we have designed educational activities, content, learning strategies and tutoring methods that will best address the challenges affecting female education in Ghana. The Girl’s Education Tutoring Services with the # tag “Save Our Girls” provide extra tuition and educational services to girls both In-School and Outside the School.
  • Home Based Out of School Tutoring Services: There are an increasingly large number of children or individuals who, for one reason or another, are not attending school. They may be recovering from an illness, they may have been withdrawn from school, or they may have been bullied and are refusing to attend school. Three one-hour lessons per week for a child or individual, taught by a teacher or teachers, would help them to keep up with all subjects.
  • Our Weekend Home Based Tutoring Services is designed to provide academic assistance to students on weekend basis (Saturdays and Sundays). Our weekend tutoring service is intended to boost the academic performance of students from Nursery through Primary up to tertiary level. Our weekend classes are delivered to students in their homes.