Online Tutoring Services

Our Online Tutoring Services is the form of tutoring in an online, virtual, or networked environment, in which teachers and learners participate from separate physical locations by using networked electronic devices like smartphones or computers. Our online tutoring services is rendered to students at all levels of education by our experienced, committed and hardworking online tutors through our virtual online tutoring and learning platform. Our online tutoring services also comes with the following Categories of Tutoring Services:

  • Online One-to-One Tutoring Services: We offer intense individual assistance at any private location (one on one teacher-student interaction) using our online virtual platform.
  • Our Online One-to-Many Tutoring Services offers intense group assistance with the support of our online virtual platform to students with decreased economic costs through the use of our approved team-based teaching approaches and methods. This programme is designed for students in the same academic level. This programme is available for all students at different educational levels.
  • Our Online Many-to-many Tutoring Services is designed to offer intense group assistance to students irrespective of the location of clients and tutors. This programme makes use of our specialized subject tutors who adopts our team based teaching approaches and methods in their tutoring.
  • Our Online Many-to-One Tutoring Services is designed to enable our specialized subject teachers offer subject based assistance to our students to better their grades. HQTS understand the principle of variety in education and so has designed programmes to enable students enjoy different teaching styles, methods, content combination and assessment techniques of teachers.
  • Online After School Tutoring Services is provided to our clients through our online virtual platform after the formal school session has closed. We also assist students with homework, assignments, prepare for tests, or provide extra help in specific subjects. We work with students individually or in small groups in our Onsite or Virtual setting. Our primary goal is to help boost students’ academic performance at all levels of education.
  • Our Online Holidays Tutoring Services is designed to help students consolidate their learning outcomes with greater confidence. Our services also serves as a great opportunity for students to catch up on learning that may be lost during the normal school session. It is organized for all students at different educational levels and is provided through our Online Virtual platform.