High Quality Tuition Services is an authorized Private Tutoring Agency that is made up of highly professional educators and teachers. We offer Extra Tutoring Classes to Pre-Tertiary and Tertiary students in a wide variety of subject areas. Our Tutoring Classes are available in subject areas such as English Language, Core Mathematics, Integrated Science, Social and Environmental Studies, French, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Elective Mathematics, Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Literature in English, Economics, Geography, Government, History, General Agriculture, Crop/Animal Husbandry, Basic Design And Technology, Religious and Moral Education and Ghanaian Language (Dagbani, Twi, Fante, Gonja, Ewe, Grusie among others). Our Tutoring Services are rendered in Homes, Centres and/or Online. Services are usually rendered: after normal school session has closed, during Weekends and/or Holidays (Vacations).


At High Quality Tuition Services, we will;

  1. make our students high achievers. High Quality Tuition Services is driven by a strong desire to achieve and accomplish meaningful teaching and learning. We turn problems into dreams and make it easily achievable.  We take on our core mandate to brighten the talents of our students. We always take a vision and turn it into reality.
  2. inculcate in our students action-oriented habits. We have adopted the approach of PREPAREDNESS, CONSISTENCY AND ACHIEVEMENT in the discharge of our duties. We translate positive intentions into tangible results. We have a restless attitude of action and never standing still, we always think, take action and on the move, testing and applying ideas. Figuring out what works and replicating it, and what doesn’t, changing their approach until it delivers a positive outcome.
  3. produce Visionary Students. Many people set off on journeys into the future without first painting a clear picture of where it is they want to get to.  They end up taking a short twisting route. High Quality Tuition Services can transport an individual’s future in their mind, create clarity on what it looks like, feels like, and acts like, and then, coming back to today, translate that individual’s vision into a reality. We being clear on one’s vision, we define a pathway, a set of railway tracks, knowing that if an individual veers off the route, with a clear destination point, High Quality Tuition Services professionals can quickly take corrective action and get her/him back on course.
  4. train students to be highly focused. Most people are better at dreaming up new ideas than making them a reality, and if you’re not focused, there is an inherent risk of being known as a great visionary, who never made anything happen. Where High Quality Tuition Services focus goes energy flows and the true talent of students are discovered.
  5. make discipline the foundation of our students success. Put simply; discipline is to train somebody by instruction and practice. At High Quality Tuition Services, we are very consistent with our action of services over a time to ensure fruitful teaching and learning. Even when our students don’t feel like doing something we make them feel at home learning. We understand this and view discipline as commitment, dedication, and excellence rather than an inconvenient burden to be endured. Sustained success is all about discipline. It’s the bridge between goals and accomplishments. This is the difference that makes the difference for high achievers. They are in the driver’s seat of their life, living life with deliberate conscious intent – no autopilot – disciplined in the pursuit of their goals. We always do this by building habits; starting small, gathering momentum, reinvesting it in progressively more significant changes to your routine.
  6. instill in our students a winning mentality. Winning mentality starts with a positive attitude, and the good news is that it is entirely achievable through determination. It is about having a can do / will do mentality rather than a can’t do / won’t do one.
  7. make our students lifelong Learners. There is the saying that ‘the day you stop learning is the day you stop earning!’ In an increasingly competitive world, there is no such thing as standing still. All around you, people are actively moving forward and standing still really means you’re falling behind. They show up every day being the best of whom they want to be. They spend their life being their performance driver, taking steps to ensuring they reach their true and maximum potential. They keep feeding their minds, growing personally and professionally.
  8. make our students technologically Innovative. High Quality Tuition Services are in a restless pursuit for adding value in whatever endeavor they are committed to. We are focused on helping others and making a positive difference first by understanding technological innovations employed in teaching and learning and secondly knowing success, in whatever form this may be.


The confidence and trust in our agency and its operations are dear to us and the general public. We have not relented in our efforts to registering the business.  The Registrar General Department of Ghana has duly registered and certificated the business under the Registration of Business Name Act, 1962 (No.151).


Our mission is to help students discover and become the best of who they want to be in future while achieving academic excellence in all subjects. We carry out our mission by combining our passion for business, our customized tutoring programmes, and our unique teaching methodologies, approaches and assessment techniques. 

The vision of High Quality Tuition Services is to be the leading Private Tutoring Agency that provides and maintains high quality education.